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We help you establish and build your business, we help you grow, expand and get bigger. We develop long term relationships with your business more like partners. We grow together with you.

We provide advice and services for new companies including:

  • Formation

  • Shareholder or Operating Agreement

  • Investment Documentation for Angel, Strategic and Venture Capital

  • Vendor, Consulting, Customer or Other Agreement or Arrangement

We also handle sophisticated cross-border business transactions, assisting your business in the areas of:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Private Equity Investments

  • Spin-offs & Joint Ventures

  • Reorganizations & Restructuring

  • Shareholder Relations and Business Succession

  • Refinancing and Strategic Alliances

Our Most Popular Bundles For Corporation

Package for Startups 

  • Equity/Debt Funding Agreements

  • Federal and State Government Compliance

  • Patent and Trademark Applications

  • Key Employment Contracts

  • For Startups, Tech, and New Business

General Legal Counsel Package for Mid-size Companies

  • Tax and Incentive Programs Application

  • Environmental Compliance and Government Permits

  • Labor and Employment Law

  • Business Agreements

  • For Companies with $1-10 million Revenue

On-Demand Legal Service for Business Transactions

  • Export and Import

  • Customs

  • Purchase/Sale Agreement

  • Account Receivables and Distressed Assets

  • Business Contracts

  • For Traders and Dealers

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