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E-Commerce is a boom. Online marketplaces and platforms such as Amazon and eBay become new frontiers for your business.  E-Commerce may involve legal issues such as intellectual property rights, listing issues, suspension issues, shipping issues and etc. Time is essence for dealing with these E-Commerce matters.

However, when you start business on the online platforms, you agree to operate in compliance with the platforms’ policies. Violation of these policies may lead to account suspension. Amazon, for example, may suspend your account and freeze your fund due to buyer complaints, shipping delays, inaccurate descriptions of your items, etc.

We build a special team including lawyers and other professionals to protect your business. We are here for you, and we act quickly.

Buyer Complaints

E-commerce sellers on those online platforms may receive complaints from buyers based on unsatisfactory purchases. The complaints sometimes are valid complaints because of product defects or poor customer services. However, some complaints may be filed by your competitors only for the purpose to defame your business.

In response to the buyer complaints, we first determine if the complaints are valid and provide our clients solutions to make up for the damages. If the complaints are invalid, we fight for you to obtain sufficient reimbursement to compensate for you profit loss caused by the complaints including filing a defamation lawsuit to protect your reputation.

Suspensions by the Platforms

In addition to buyer complaints, other types of policy violation may lead to account suspension. Our licensed attorneys first investigate your performance and other factors to form a plan for reinstating your account. After examining the requirements from the online platform, we prepare a legal document to appeal the suspension addressing any potential defects that may have caused the suspension. Please note that any communication between you and our team of attorneys are protected by law as privileged information.

Legal Analysis

You might wonder if your planned or ongoing business is in compliance with platform policy, regulations, or laws. Our team of professionals including intellectual property lawyers can provide you a full spectrum analysis on your business including Freedom to Operate opinion, patent/trademark infringement analysis, etc., such that you know what legal issues apply to your situation and what the potential outcome may be.  

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