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Artist Visa & Greencards

O-1B visa, EB1A & NIW green cards are eligible for musicians, artists, and designers, of "extraordinary ability." We will use your responses to determine if you meet enough criteria to qualify.

Once submitted, someone from our immigration department will contact you to schedule a consultation call with our attorney/immigration expert to discuss your case.

Have you attended any Art Festival/Exhibitions/Tattoo Conventions and Expos?
Have you received awards or prizes?
Are you in any membership associations?
Do you have press or published material in major media about you and your work?
Have you ever judged any competition/awards or peer-reviewed journal articles?
Do you own your own studio/company?
Have you ever taught a seminar/ other artistic class or have you been invited as a guest critic or panelist?
Have you done guest artist at prestigious residencies around the world?
How were you referred to GeTech Law?
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Thanks for submitting!

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